Classic bar, ancient recipes. We reinvented lifelong plates in order to recover the old bars charms. Come to taste our tripe with smoked eel or our pork fit with jamón!

Who we are Fondo

Our tradition doesn’t allow to drink a vermut with empty stomach or to eat tapas without a good beer. And it has been like this for all life long. This is the reason why we put the same attention on tapping beers and recovering life long receipts like tripes or bull tail. Also, we only keep the best vermut and make sure our smoked anchovy coca cake and Santa Pau beans with saffron were made with superior products. You can read all about we can offer you written on the chalkboards; from our preserves, to our platillos to wines and sherries. Ok, maybe almost everything. For example, you won’t discover what it means to have classic tapas in Barcelona, neither you will notice the barrio del Born charming, nor you will understand why Daniel Rueda thought about the close and personal manners of Carlos and Guillermo to run this traditional bar: for this, you should pass to the Sabor de Barrio.

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